Feeling the Thrills of Outdoor Adventures with Dubai Holiday Deals

Dubai Mall

The shopping district of Dubai City is the number one tourist attraction in Dubai. This is where you can find the largest and most sophisticated shopping complex in the world, the Dubai Mall.

Dubai has more attractions to offer than just impressive looking structures and the shopping mecca of the world. Outdoor lovers can have their own fun experience in Dubai with their adventure tours. Dubai holiday deals also have varied activities to offer which include sky jumping, hot air balloon, helicopter rides, desert safaris, 4×4 desert drives and other outdoor activities that you can choose from.

Outdoor lovers can benefit from the variation of activities in their liking when they visit this emirate.

A short walk along the beach shores or a trip to the old Dubai city of Bastaklya can give you an opportunity to of the city. Camel rides in the desert can also provide you with an interesting outdoor experience. Taking a relaxed cruise along the Dubai creek followed by a trip to the Palm islands can show you the contrasting beauty of a natural attraction and the modern marvels of man made islands. Thrill seekers will find their joy in desert safaris, cable car rides, hot air balloon flights and sea plane rides. Sports enthusiast will enjoy the various sport activities like golf, sky diving, and horse racing.

Bab Al Shams HotelThese tiring activities require a comfortable and relaxing place where you can take a break and rest in between activities. Accommodations that will make your outdoor adventure perfect can come from Dubai holiday deals for Bab Al Shams Hotel. This five star hotel that is nestled in the heart of the desert posses an architectural beauty patterned after the traditional Arab fort. It provides the tourists with a unique desert feel for their vacation. It also has an open air restaurant that adds to the charm of the place and provide tourists with another memorable desert experience.

If your budget doesn’t agree with your choice then you can explore Dubai holiday deals that offer 50% off on rates. These travel deals allow you to enjoy pricey accommodations that are not within your usual budget range. Just make sure that you go over the fine details of the deal or you might end up spending your holidays regretting your decision. One thing is for sure, there is definitely a great deal of outdoor adventure waiting for you in Dubai.