Tips For A Sailing Holiday in Finland

Besides the renowned Aland archipelago, there is somewhere between 55,000 and 187,000 lakes, and more than 3000 miles (4830 km) of coastline in Finland. Sailing opportunities are infinite, either through the many islands or on the lakes, most of them are navigable.

FinlandWho says you will run out of places to go to in Finland? The country can offer you more options to your next vacation. This could mean an exciting sailing holiday on your part. With Finland’s gift of nature, every visitor will have the time of his life.

The best season to visit Finland is in summer. As the snow melts and the sun rises up so high, the waters of the lakes become even more inviting to those who have always wanted the most fantastic vacation, such as sailing in Finland. For example, the rivers, coasts, as well as lakes, become perfect venues for sailing, yachting, or canoeing. The tundra and the rest of the floras are noteworthy if you want to hike with your families and friends. If you have a special love for horses, you can add to your holiday horse-back riding activities.

FinlandSpeaking of waters, you should not miss in your list of places to visit the Aland archipelago, which is a haven for people who love to yacht or boat during their vacation. You may also want to spend at least one night in Valamo to enjoy a summer opera.

There are many different modes of transportation in Finland, but if you have some extra money to spare, go for a yacht. There are many yachting companies in the country that offer rental services. You can rent boats or yachts up to 1 month.

It is also a favorite among tourists who love the presence of lakes, rivers, and seas. All these are perfect if you want to go sailing in Finland.