Sweden – Great For A Yacht Charter

Stockholm Sweden

Are you thinking of spending a sailing yacht charter in Europe? Give Sweden a part of your itinerary. One of the largest countries in terms of land area, it is blessed with the most wonderful floras, the most fantastic mountains, the most idyllic fishing villages, and the most exciting archipelagoes and crystal-blue seas. Sailing in Sweden, as a matter of fact, is a favorite activity in this country.

You can start in the Stockholm archipelago. It extends as much as fifty kilometers on the east side of Sweden close to Finland. During the Viking Age, this entire archipelago was covered by water. When sailing in Sweden close to Finland, you can bring your fishing poles and catch the freshest marine produce anytime you like. Nevertheless, don’t make any mistake of damaging the country’s natural resources. The Stockholm archipelago is protected by a foundation that does not only preserve the flora and fauna of this region but also the culture of its people.

On the other hand, Sweden’s coast combines natural beauty, wildness, and perfection. It’s with this extraordinary mixture that the country never fails to capture the attention of its visitors every year. Besides swimming on the coastlines of Bohuslan and Halland, you can also camp in the forest of the Marstrand Island. Moreover, you can admire several unique architectural designs. On the Swedish west coast is also beautiful cities. For example, if you stroll in Gothenburg, you will find Kungsportsavenyn, which is their version of Paris’ Champs Elysees.

Truly, Sweden’s charm doesn’t only lie on its archipelagoes or the number of its buildings that fills the cities. Farther into the west coast, into Stockholm archipelago, and down to the fishing villages of Gotland, you’ll have the holiday of your lifetime. Sailing in Sweden can also give you the most exciting adventure.