International Travel Health Tips


International travel is something that we all look forward to with a lot of eagerness, don’t we? Many times, however, what we have so longingly thought about becomes an utter disaster if our health doesn’t keep up to the mark and we fall prey to any disease. The very fact that we are away from the security of our homes makes the disease appear far worse than it actually is. Even though your aim is to see new places, in this case, you might end up seeing new hospitals in different countries which is definitely not what you want to do, do you?

Relax! The aim here is not to frighten you out of your senses and change your mind about international travel. However, you need to be aware of the gravity of the situation and be reminded to take adequate medical precautions.

In this time of a Covid-19 pandemic, international travel for most is not something you may want to do.  In fact, you may not be able to travel to certain locations and if are able to, you may find that you have to quarantine yourself for a period of time.  Upon your return to the U.S., according to the CDC you may again have to self-quarantine for 14 days. Not much fun for vacationers.

Don’t worry… things will get better and you’ll again be able to travel abroad for that fun family vacation.

ambulanceBefore you travel on an international level, be sure to check up on your food allergies so that you can stay away from them when the need arises. Language could create a barrier in explaining what food item you are referring to, so it would be wiser to learn the names of foods in those languages. It might even end up being fun and you could make a lot of friends because citizens of any country are absolutely delighted when foreigners show familiarity with their language.

Another thing you can and must do is to find out beforehand the type of diseases that people are vulnerable to in the international travel locations where you are visiting. It is always possible in this case to take the necessary steps to avoid exposure to these diseases. vaccinationAcquire knowledge about the vaccinations that you will need before entering any country and have your vaccinations done well in time to avoid any reactions after you reach your destination. Ask your doctor if there are certain medications that you need to carry along with you and consume on a regular basis.

Let us focus now a vital part of your body, which is your teeth. Many people forget how useful it is to visit your dentist before starting on an international travel, but do make sure that you don’t commit the same mistake. Another mistake would be not carrying complete health information while traveling. This is similar to leaving your glasses behind and then undertaking a journey. You may find it easy to replace your glasses but finding a reliable source for health information might prove much more difficult.

Oh yes, you have to be very careful about your eating and drinking patterns while on an international travel. You have to remember that most of the times you are being exposed to new food items that may not always agree with you. So don’t get carried away by your taste buds and exercise some restraint and discretion. After all, gluttony has led to the downfall of many, and you shouldn’t be a victim of this yourself especially when you aren’t sure of the ingredients in foreign foods!

Last but not least, join Medic Alert or IAMAT (the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers). This is actually one of the most important points to keep in mind. A medical insurance provides the much needed security blanket that is a must on any international travel.