Guide to Choosing the Right Caribbean Holiday Cruise For You

The cruise industry has expanded over the years in order to accommodate the large amount of people wishing to take a cruise. However, we are all different and more importantly we all have different likes and dislikes which we usually want to take in consideration when taking a vacation because vacations are meant to relax, have fun and rejuvenate. Cruise […]

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Your Ticket to Excitement with a Caribbean Cruise Package

It is possible to spend a whole week in the Caribbean holidaying in the sun as there are many Caribbean cruise packages that cater to every conceivable need of the holiday maker. Upon reaching destinations such as the Grand Cayman in the Western Caribbean, one may visit towns such as Hell and also experience the heavenly Seven Mile Beach. One […]

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Popular Hotels in San Juan Puerto Rico

Isla Verde

San Juan Puerto Rico hotels are some of the most popular in all of Puerto Rico. Being one of the most visited places in the country, San Juan contains a lot of hotels and other accommodation. This can however sell out quickly in peak seasons and prices can rise according to demand. Some of the best San Juan Puerto Rico […]

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You Have Many Choices in Caribbean Cruise Lines

Cruising has become a popular pastime in recent years. With the abundance of Caribbean cruise lines and the increased affordability of a vacation at sea, more and more people are coming onboard (so to speak) the cruise bandwagon. Caribbean cruise lines have done an excellent job overall of rising to the occasion and addressing and meeting the needs of their […]

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Four Places You’ll Want to Visit in Puerto Rico

del Morro

There are a lot of places to visit in Puerto Rico on your trip. Most people concentrate on the main attractions in the metropolitan area of the island.  Here we feature 4 nice places to visit that are out of the way and worth the driving and experience. Las Cuevas de Camuy National Park This national Park features on of […]

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Avoiding Crime during Caribbean Travel


Crime is one thing that can ruin your Caribbean vacation in a heartbeat. If your information is stolen, you may have to rebook flights, leave early, contact your credit card company while on vacation and generally stress out over the items that were stolen. Most anything is up for grabs, including money and traveler’s checks, cameras and other technological equipment, […]

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Guide on How to Get the Best Caribbean Cruise Deal

The popularity of cruising has been coming back after it’s downturn from Coronavirus.  It is easy to see why as you can get everything in one package: accommodations, everyday meals for the entire cruise, entertainment as well as romance or adventure depending on how you look at the cruise and with how you are traveling. Every other vacation must normally […]

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Tourism to Puerto Rico

Old Town San Juan from El Morro

Puerto Rico tourism is a huge business and is extremely important for the Puerto Rico economy. Around 5 million tourists visit the island of Puerto Rico per year. Most of these visitors from the the United States of America, however people from all around the world have enjoyed a vacation on this tropical island. Around one third of visitors are […]

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Rincon Puerto Rico

Dome Beach, Rincon PR

For the surf enthusiast, there is no place better in the Caribbean to hit the waves than off the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico. Located on the westernmost tip of this island territory are nearly a dozen of the best surfing beaches to be found. From Domes Beach and Tres Palmas to Marias and Rincon Town Beach Plaza, the sportsman […]

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