Family Vacation in the Caribbean

St. Lucia

With its countless attractions and unspoiled lands teeming with wildlife, the Caribbean is an ideal spot for a family vacation. A family vacation in the Caribbean will give you the chance to discover the adventure and enjoy some of the most amazing landscape in the whole world. The attractions are limitless and there will be no moment of boredom in […]

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Puerto Rico The Hidden Island Party Spot

Bacardi Bar

Taste the rum and practice the Salsa on the Caribbean island paradise of Puerto Rico. The islands are located in the Caribbean sea, just east of the Dominican republic, with about 3/4 Spanish and 1/4 English speaking natives. But don’t worry: all tourist areas are primarily English speaking. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States which includes one […]

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Caribbean Travel Documents: What do You Need?


With international rules constantly changing, it is hard to know exactly what kinds of Caribbean travel documents you need when leaving on vacation. Ever country has specific rules and regulations, so you should check ahead by calling the airport, but in general, as of 2007, you need a passport no matter where your flight’s destination from the United States if […]

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Vieques Puerto Rico

Photo credit: Rahul S. Nair via / CC BY

Isla de Vieques lies just eight miles off the easternmost coast of the main island of Puerto Rico and measures about twenty one miles long by four wide. This small island area of Puerto Rico is the location of some of the oldest fossilized human remains in the Caribbean. Dating back around 10,000 years, it is proof that humans have […]

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Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Bathsheba Beach

This is the rugged east coast of Barbados. There are some pretty cool rock formations in the water and on the Bathsheba Beach. It’s my understanding this is one of the most popular surf spots on the island, but none were visible when I visited. It is breathtakingly beautiful; wide white sand beaches stretch along a dramatic coastline of striking […]

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Surfing in Barbados

Barbados surfing

Barbados Surfing conditions are ideal for any level of surfer. Barbados is almost guaranteed to have surf somewhere on any given day of the year. Coral reefs practically encircle Barbados’ coastline giving the island the Caribbean’s most consistent surf conditions with swells all year round. You can find point breaks and reef breaks on the island, rights and lefts. To […]

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Manchebo Beach Resort Reviews

Manchebo Beach Resort

The Manchebo (pronounced mon-chay-bo) Beach Resort and Spa is located on large, white, sandy Eagle Beach in beautiful Aruba. The resort’s slogan is “Where Rejuvenation is Our Passion,” which supports and emphasize its spa features. Containing just 71 rooms, the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa is an intimate and relaxing vacation destination. Its Spa del Sol is a more recent […]

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