Family Vacation in the Caribbean

St. Lucia

With its countless attractions and unspoiled lands teeming with wildlife, the Caribbean is an ideal spot for a family vacation. A family vacation in the Caribbean will give you the chance to discover the adventure and enjoy some of the most amazing landscape in the whole world. The attractions are limitless and there will be no moment of boredom in your entire trip.

The island St. Lucia is definitely one of the most inspired choices for a family vacation in the Caribbean.

What’s There To Do

Diamond Waterfall, St. LuciaThe Caribbean islands offer some of the most exciting tourist attraction in the whole world: a bubbling volcano, two magnificent mountains, beautiful waterfalls, tropical gardens, miles of peaceful beaches, banana plantations and many other natural wonders incredibly appealing for both parents and children. You can spend your time mountain climbing, canoeing, turtle watching or exploring the amazing landscape.

Mamiku gardens are another great attraction during your family vacation in the Caribbean, while Mount Soufrière with its Diamond Waterfall is one of the most appealing places in St. Lucia. The waterfall changes its color throughout the day, from black to yellow, green and gray. You also have the chance to use the Diamond mineral waters, originally built for French soldiers living on the island.

Local Cuisine

You and your kids will be amazed by the local hospitality and the delicious dishes of the local cuisine during your family vacation in the Caribbean. St. Lucia has at least 6 different varieties of bananas growing on its soil. Kid-friendly food includes pineapples, mangoes, papayas, passion fruit, soursops, coconuts and guavas. However, for a complete St. Lucian experience, you should definitely try the local specialty, called callaloo soup. This is made from a vegetable with green leafs similar to spinach. The early Amerindian breads, cassava and farina, are still found on the menus in St. Lucia restaurants.


The Coconut Bay Resort on St. Lucia is an ideal spot for a family vacation in the Caribbean, providing extensive facilities and a family-friendly ambiance. Kai Mer, a tranquil facility located on this property, offers ocean-view rooms for treatment, a relaxation lounge, private outdoor showers, a Swiss hidro shower, as well as two steam and sauna rooms. Spa treatment includes ocean front massage, coconilla (a signature treatment) and a custom treatment. However, the best news for families is that teens are allowed too.

Local Artists

Mary Weber, an artist born in Wisconsin, now lives on St. Lucia island and is trying to capture the beauty of the land in her paintings. All her work is painted on St. Lucian handmade paper, created from recycled paper, flowers, leaves and many other natural materials. Her paintings are ideal a souvenir from your family vacation in the Caribbean.

A family vacation in the Caribbean is ideal for discovering the adventure and exploring beautiful unspoiled lands with your loved ones. Climbing the mountains in St. Lucia, admiring the rain forests or the bubbling volcano, you will spend some precious moments with your family and come home with many lifetime memories.