Traveling to Sri lanka

International travel today is all about variety and adventure in terms of exploring new places and the diverse experiences they have to offer.

Sri Lanka is a place worth exploring.

When we talk about international travel and broadening our horizons, one place that instantly comes to my mind is Sri Lanka. This is an extremely enchanting place and its beautiful landscape will take your breath away. What is special about this place is that you have access to the mind-blowing beaches and the cool and idyllic hill stations all at one time. You can choose your own brand of fun and happiness and decide between the hill stations and the beaches.

botanical gardensYou could begin this international travel tour by starting at Kandy which was the last capital of the Sri lankan kings. It is because of its royal associations that this place has a pervasive feeling of mystery, folklore and splendor. A visit to the botanical gardens will be something that you enjoy and you will love to know that these gardens were considered the haunt of the royalty. While walking through the gardens, you can practically visualize kings and queens accompanying you and inhaling the fragrances of the nearly 4000 species of plants found here. It can be quite an experience, actually.

There must be many among you who have a weakness for jewelry. If you belong to this group, do visit the Kandy bazaar where you will find gems of every description. Do take enough money with you so that you can satisfy your desire for these unique gems while indulging in this international travel.

After Kandy you can travel to Colombo where you can experience wildlife at its best. You will love the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawela where you’ll see around 60 abandoned and orphaned elephants who were well-protected and cared for by the authorities. It is great fun playing around with the amazingly cute baby elephants and after this experience, you’ll want to adopt one yourself, though it may not be a very feasible idea.

At Colombo, you also have the Majestic City Shopping Complex and the House of Fashion and the ODEL Unlimited Dress Boutique where you can go on a shopping spree and pick up exotic clothes which you can exhibit to your friends back home. This is also a great place for selecting gifts that will please one and all. If your tastes in international traveling are a bit different and if you prefer the solace of nature, then do visit the hill station of Nuware Eliya. This is an extremely beautiful place and on the way to this hill station, you chance upon quaint water-falls that delight you beyond comparison. Sri lanka’s highest mountain is located on this hill station and you also witness a profusion of tea plantations here. Some of the world’s finest tea is exported from this place and roving through these plantations with the mist enveloping you makes you feel as if you have just entered heaven.

This is one international travel where you can also have a taste of the aesthetic in art enfolded in the lap of nature. You will also get to see various cave temples with wonderful paintings that are a treat for the eye.

If you want your international travel to include more of wildlife, then go ahead and take a ride through the Bundala National Park in a jeep safari where you will encounter a variety of animals that will whet the adventurous side in you.

Lazing on the beach is the ultimate dream for most. No need to worry. Your international travel to Sri lanka will provide you plenty of opportunities for this and you can also add a dash of sport by diving in the coral reefs. By the time you have come back, you will have acquired a tan that will be the envy of everyone around you.