Traveling to Singapore


Singapore happens to be the travel hub of south Asia. Known for its development strides, it is recognized as the only first world country equivalent in South Asia.

With rapid development in the region, this will change as countries like China and India catch up. But nobody can dispute the reputation that this country has developed, setting an example for others to follow. International travel becomes a pleasure as more countries try and pep up their public infrastructure.

Your experience of the state-of-the-art infrastructure of this country begins the moment you walk out of the airplane into the Changi International airport. The Airport has modern facilities and is developed to accommodate transit passengers. This has been considered especially since a lot of people have to pass through Singapore for their international travel. The efficiency of the staff at the airport is worth mentioning in today’s service oriented world. It looks like a clan of workers who have pledged their loyalty to keep the airport clean and eco-friendly.

If you are traveling by Singapore Airlines, you might as well check the various stopover packages that the airline offers. Many corporate travelers make use of this feature to make their international travel a mix of business and pleasure.

Apart from being connected to all the major countries (by air or road) like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc., Singapore has quite a few tourism spots of its own. Little IndiaThe country has plenty of affordable fast food restaurants and a few community settlements like Little India and China Town. These are pockets of Chinese and Indian population that settled to form a mini country of their own.

Known as the “Lion city”, Singapore has many attractive options from an international travel perspective. Beautiful nature reserves have been carefully planned. Apart from the zoo, there are other attractions to suit various types of tourists. The botanical gardens and the zoological gardens are a sight one cannot afford to miss. If you haven’t seen an orangutan before, make sure you visit the zoological gardens, which has the largest orangutan group in captivity. The botanical garden on the other hand has more than 500,000 plant specimens. Of course, you may not want to go through each of them unless you are an enthusiast of sorts. The Jurong bird park is another exciting spot which claims to host more than 500 species of birds. You will need quite some time to get to know each of these.


Add that touch of religion to your international travel by visiting the Thian Hock Keng Temple which is said to be built without using a single nail. This is said to be the oldest Chinese Temple in Singapore.

Take one full day for Sentosa island. Also known as the Fantasy Island, you get to see a different aspect of international travel. ‘Sentosa’ means the ‘Isle of Tranquility’ in Malay.
The cable car ride to Sentosa Island is worth taking to enjoy the scenic beauty of this Island pleasure resort. It hosts Asia’s largest water theme park having around 13 water slides.

Little India is truly little India. Every sense of it. You can now boast of having seen a part of India in this part of your International travel; without even being there. The scent of spices and jasmine garlands relax your senses and take you to a different world altogether. It is the prime symbol of Singapore’s Indian community although it is a mix of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. You should visit this place in October/November when this place celebrates the festival of Lights or ‘Deepavali’ as it is called in India

How good is international travel if it does not have a flavor of night life? The Boat Quay offers the perfect location with a lane of different eateries, pubs, discos and cafes. Clark Quay, which is upriver, is an extension of such joints. The environment is very vibrant with music and full of people who are out to have a nice time. The Orchard road area also offers a few choices. A different option for animal lovers would be to take the night safari and enjoy the company of wild animals including many rare and endangered species.

For those who have very little time on their hands may want to check the Hippo bus Tour. This takes around 45 minutes and has two routes. The best part of this tour is you can get in and off the buses as many times as you would like and complete the tour in 24 hours. This is a fun trip, especially if you want to make the most of your international travel in Singapore. You get to see most of this country in a small span of time.

Singapore has a lot to offer beyond what is mentioned above. This is a country that can truly boast of its natural and artificial beauty. If you are planning to be anywhere in South Asia, make sure you stopover at Singapore for a couple of days and chill out.