For Budget Air Travel SE Asia Offers Many Opportunities

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Many of the countries in southeast Asia are extremely popular tourist destinations for a variety of reasons.

The climate is considered tropical in most of them and the prices are downright cheap. For the person looking for budget travel SE Asia offer the chance to sit on beautiful beaches in the hot sun, view the tropical landscape and well as experience some of the best food available. The many countries that make up the region are rich in culture and history, from the colonial days of French rule to their rule under Dutch charter.

One of the newest states at the tip of Indonesia, East Timor offers warm ocean water and gorgeous beaches and after decades of war, Cambodia is rapidly becoming a tourist paradise. Additionally, the landlocked country of Laos, hemmed in by Cambodia, China, Thailand and Vietnam offers significant budget travel SE Asia style to get in and out of the country without traveling through one of the others.

There is a lot of rich history in the Philippine Islands, a former Spanish and American colony that has retained its rich history in spite of its participation in World War II. The tropical beaches make this country part of budget travel SE Asia venues a major player in the tropical tourism.

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One of the most popular destinations for budget travel SE Asia is Thailand with its history and culture as well as its reputation for some of the best Asian food in the area. Its beaches and relaxed style of living make it a very attractive destination.

Vietnam, embattled by war for many years, is now open to tourism and is on the road to economic recovery. Cheap accommodations and souvenirs make this another popular destination,

For the more adventure-seeking traveler, Myanmar, formerly Burma is under military dictatorship but is taking advantage of the adventurous personality of some and is open to tourism.

Malaysia is a rapidly growing country available to SE Asia budget travel arrangements and its attractions include the skyscrapers of its largest cities to the jungle head hunters. Perhaps another destination for those with a more adventurous soul.

The small, yet oil-rich country of Brunei, part of Borneo offers a glimpse of life under a Sultan and Singapore, one of the cleanest and most orderly island states in the region is an inviting destination for budget travel SE Asia. With the prices of travel and accommodation once in the area so low, as well as the inviting surroundings, it is no wonder the area is becoming so popular.