Visiting the Last Frontier of Alaska


If you are like most Americans, you have never had the pleasure of visiting Alaska. You may have seen beautiful pictures of races across the snow with barking dogs against an ice laden landscape or bears catching salmon in the river, but you most likely have not seen the scenery up close and personal.

One of my friends took a vacation to Alaska and she gave me a list of some must-sees that should not be missed when visiting Alaska. Here are a few of them.

AlaskaMy friend’s vacation included cruising the coast of Alaska. She visited the coastal cities of Fairbanks, Juneau, and Skagway, but never went into the interior of the state. She especially loved seeing the state from the vantage point of the cruise ship.

When you think of Alaska, you probably think of glaciers and icebergs, but do you think of forests as well? My friends said that the wonderful contrast of glaciers and forests was just beautiful. It was almost a “spiritual experience” for her!

Glaciers, for the most part, are decreasing in size each year, except for one that is still “live and growing.” Scientists say that the glaciers are decreasing significantly, but for the laymen it is hard to understand because the glaciers are so huge.

Most people do not think of the mountains when considering Alaska’s beauty, but these rocky mountains covered with random evergreen areas are one of the most eye pleasing parts of the view. The beauty of the mountains almost overshadows the glacier’s beauty.

It is important to pack properly for your vacation. Even though my friend traveled during the fall, it was chilly and rainy in Alaska. A heavy jacket should be added to your packing list if you travel in this time of year.

Due to the “never-ending days” that Alaska is synonymous with, they have several different “growing periods.” The result of these longer periods of growth helps to produce big fruits and vegetables, including pumpkin-sized lettuce heads and hand-sized strawberries.

While you are traveling you can also learn a lot about Alaska’s history. It is even possible to visit some of the saloons and other establishments that were the foundation of early settlement during the gold rush.

You will not be bored in Alaska. You can:
Alaska Helicopter

  • Take a hunting trip.
  • Go see the humpback whales.
  • Go fishing for salmon, halibut, and extra large trout!
  • Take a snowmobiling trip.
  • Go mountainbiking in the forest.
  • Catch a plane or helicopter and check out the scenery from the air.
  • Watch the moonset!
  • Go to one of the many festivals that are occurring from May to June.
  • Go kayaking.

My friend suggested that you bring lots extra memory cards for your digital camera. You will not want to miss capturing anything with your camera.

When thinking about my friend’s trip to Alaska, I am ready to plan my own trip. Aren’t you?