African Safari Vacation – 6 Things You Must Do Before Going On Safari

Heading off on an African safari vacation can be a daunting prospect for would-be travelers especially if it’s their first trip to this mighty continent.

Africa is a diverse country and despite the unquestioned beauty of it’s landscapes and great concentration of fauna it still is very much an unsettled continent with many hot spots which could pose a danger to one’s safety.

How do you prepare for an African safari vacation?
There are several things you can do prior to taking off and your enjoyment of the trip could very well come down to how well you prepare.

safariHere are a few safari preparation tips you should take note of before heading to Africa:

1. Learn as much about the area your visiting as you can. If your vacation includes guides that’s fine but you should at least do some of your own homework.

2. Consider the time of the year you’re traveling. The African wet season can be brutal if you have a dislike for wet weather so check with your travel agent about the African seasons.

3. Whether you’re traveling during the dry or wet season, pack sun lotions for your skin as well as for your lips. The African sun can be penetrative during the day and if you’re going to spend a lot of time in it then consider having sun screen protection.

4. Travel light. Too many people make the mistake of trying to pack their entire wardrobe on an African safari vacation which is a big mistake. Traveling light is essential because most times, African safari vacation requires regular moving around and lugging heaps of luggage makes no sense. Take two pair of shoes at the most.

5. If your going to be on the move then light clothing is essential. Also pack a sweater because even in summer, temperatures can drop considerably during the evening. Don’t forget to pack a hat – not a cap but a hat which also offers protection for your neckline.

6. How’s your physical well being? If you have any ailments then make sure you see your doctor before you leave. If you require medication have plenty of it to take with you. Also, laws in some countries may be strict on certain medications so make sure you get a clearance in the form of a letter from your doctor to state you require certain types of medication.