Mexico Is a Favorite Destination for Americans


Americans love Mexico because of its wonderful weather, great places to visit, and great exchange rate. Mexico is a hub of different interests and cultures. Whether you book a cruise or fly to Mexico to spend time at a resort, you will witness many rich and diverse cultures and entertainment. From museums and opera houses to idyllic beach resorts, travelers in Mexico will definitely not ask for anything more.

Probably one of the places that people who travel to Mexico will surely enjoy are the beach resorts outside the capital city. At the top of the list is Acapulco, which is sometimes referred to as the Riviera of Mexico for its hotels, casinos and beach resorts. Acapulco is a very popular tourist destination where one can also do deep-sea fishing as well as other water sports.

Another haven for people who travel to Mexico is the Mazatlan, which frequently holds the international fishing tournaments as well as pre-Lenten carnivals. Hunting and fishing are also things that will interest people who travel to Mexico. One can also find in Mazatlan an observatory and one of the tallest lighthouses in the world. Other beaches that travelers in Mexico should not miss are the Cancun Island, the Puerto Vallarta and the Los Cabos.

All-inclusive resorts abound in Mexico and if you’re looking for a beautiful setting to experience a new culture, Mexico could be for you! Forget budgeting and number crunching–the balmy benefits of an all-inclusive, beachfront resort are very easy to calculate. All-inclusive resorts are always a hit because everyone can do what they want, when they want. Usually you can get bargain rates throughout the Caribbean until mid-December and then again from just after Easter all the way to Thanksgiving and beyond. There is just so much to do on a Mexican vacation. Not only can you tour the Mayan ruins in Cancun, you can take advantage of the beautiful beaches, go snorkeling or scuba diving, or just relax by the pool.

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. They cater to American vacationers.


You don’t have to be fluent in Spanish-most of the service staff speaks English fluently. The gorgeous white quartz sand of Cancun’s beaches are great for reading that book you have or relaxing and enjoying the water. Shopping is available in Cancun, with a large variety of stores and restaurants. The hotels are large and “Americanized” to help you to enjoy your trip even more. If you enjoy the water, then you will find lots to do in Cancun. From parasailing, banana rides, and jet skis-you are sure to find a fun activity that you will love! If you are a history or archeology buff, you will love the Mayan ruins.

If you enjoy scuba diving, you will love Cozumel. This city on the Yucatan Pensinsula rivals Northern Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Clear water and multiple dive sites makes it easy to learn how to scuba dive if you have never done it before. Make sure that you choose a certified diving instructor to teach you. History buffs will love the Mayan ruins! Bull fights are a great cultural experience for you to take in. Keep in mind that they are more graphic and bloody than you may think, but the experience may be worth it. Taking a bike tour around Cozumel would be fun too. Most tours are in English and move leisurely for maximum enjoyment. Deep sea fishing would be a fun activity too. You can also take your catch home on dry ice! If you like archeology and adventure, take a guided jungle tour. Just be sure to take along your bug repellent!

Chichen Itza
The famous pyramids will take you back to Mayan rituals and times. This is what many people think of when they imagine Mexico. Don’t miss the historical tours! They are full of education, fascination, and exercise as you get to climb the sides of the temples! They are worth the expense. Take a drive to Chichen Itza. You will get to see the real landscape and the small local villages and soak up the real Mexico. If you are looking for a souvenir, then you will be in the right place. With all of the open-air markets and indoor malls, you will be sure to find something to commemorate your trip.

Traveling to Mexico also opens the door to a world of arts and drama. With its many museums, Mexico is one of the most important museum destinations in the world. The Chapultepec Park houses several of these celebrated museums; the most important of which is the National Museum of Anthropology. Other museums that travelers in Mexico should also visit are the Museum of National History, Snail Museum, Technology Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art, which boasts of the finest collection of Mexican painting including those of masters such as Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and Rufino Tamayo. Children will also enjoy the Mexico City Zoo and the Papalote, a children’s interactive museum.

Traveling to Mexico will not be complete without visiting the Basilica de Guadalupe, which marks the site of the Virgin Mother’s appearance in 1531. The Metropolitan Cathedral is another travel destination within Mexico. With its baroque and neoclassical façade, the church is a great example of architectural art forms.

Another Mexican architectural masterpiece is the Chapultepec Castle, which once served as presidential residence. The castle also features the murals of Mexican painter Juan O’ Gorman as well as the Memorial to Infant Heroes. Los Pinos, which is the official residence of the Mexican President, is also on the grounds of the Castle.

Monuments abound in the Paseo de la Reforma, a tree-line boulevard that houses Mexico’s landmarks. Travelers will surely love the monuments such as the Angel of the Independence, the symbol of the country’s national identity, Cuauhtemoc Memorial and the Diana Cazadora, the statue of Diana the Huntress.

What is traveling to Mexico without shopping for souvenirs? The Zona Rosa or the Pink Zone is an ideal shopping paradise. Within the area are restaurants, boutique squares, shops and hotels. Another shopping district is the Alameda Park, which borders the Palace of Fine Arts.

History fanatics will also love traveling to Mexico’s famed religious city of Teotihuacan, the capital of pre-Aztec civilization. In Teotihuacan, travelers to Mexico will find the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, two pyramids that face each other, providing a great view of the surrounding regions from the top.